South Pacific

South pacific is a 1949 Musical produced by Richard Rodgers, The story line draws from a 1947 book "Tales of the South Pacific". The plotline about an American nurse at a U.S. Naval base, during World War II, who falls in love with an expatriate French plantation owner with a dark past. Nellie, a nurse on a Pacific Island during WWII, falls in love with de Becque, a local planter. However, when she learns he is a widower with two half-caste children, she cannot accept the situation. Meanwhile, Cable falls in love with a Polynesian girl named Liat. Cable and de Bacque go off together on a spy mission and the two women wait in hope of their return. The musical won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1950. The issue of racial prejuidice was explored in the novel, including the struugle the main character had excepting her lovers mixed race children. South Pacific is considered on of the greates Broadway musicals of all tmes. the opening night of the Broadway play was April 7, 1949 and they did a total of 1925 performances.


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