"Rock around the clock" was written by Max C. Freedman and James E. Myers. That song changed the face of the music world. "Rock Around The Clock" has been recorded on more than 500 record labels, many of which Myers also produced. The popular version was recorded by Bill Hailey and the comets in 1954. Even though it wasn't the most successful record it became Bill Haley's anthem for the rebellious teens in the 1950's. this song is considered to be that song that brought Rock n roll into mainstream. This song is ranked #158 on the Rolling Stones magazine list of the 500 Greatest songs of all time. Although the first to record the song was Sunny Dae and his Knights, Bill Haley's version is not the cover version, The song was written especially for him, but he could not record it until April of 1954. Others who have recorded the song over the years are, Ray Anthony, Pat Boone, Freddie Cannon, Chubby Checker, Meyer Davis Orchestra, Deep River Boys, Alan Freed, Isley Brothers, Mickey Katz, Buddy Knox, Sandy Nelson, Harry Nilsson with Ringo Starr and Keith Moon, produced and arranged by John Lennon, The Osmonds, Carl Perkins, The Platters, Sex Pistols, Sha-Na-Na and Mae West,

The original full title of the song was "We're gonna rock around The clock". This was later shortened to "(We're Gonna Rock) Around The Clock", though this form is generally only used on releases of the 1954 Bill Haley Decca Records recording, most other recordings of this song by Haley and others, including Sonny Dae shorten this title further to " Rock Around The clock". Some say That the song was not written in 1953, that it was actually written in 1952. Also, it is sometimes stated that "Rock Around the Clock" is copied from a late-1940s Big Joe Turner recording, "Around the Clock Blues". But only the name was similar, The song itself showed no similarity.

James E. Myers and his song "Rock Around The Clock" have been the recipients of over 100 awards, including the prestigious "Grammy" Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards. "Rock Around The Clock" represents the most unique music copyright in existence, and the most played song in the world. James E. Myers, recognized throughout the world as the "Daddy of Rock," has produced a classic that will join other similar offerings that will be played forever.

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