Rocky Marciano was born Sept. 1, 1923 in Brokton, Massachussetts, Marciano was an Italian-American, born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts to Pierino Marchegiano and Pasqualina Picciuto. Both of his parents were immigrants from Italy. His real name was Rocco Francis Marchegiano. He attended Brockton High school, where he played on the American football and baseball teams. However, he was cut from the school baseball team because he had joined a church league, violating a school rule forbidding players from joining other teams. He dropped out of school after finishing tenth grade. In March of 1943. Marciano was ddrafted into the army for a term of two years, but while waiting to be discharged, he represented the army in a ameteur armed boxing tournament, that night he knocked out Lee Epperson in three rounds. After the war he completed his term in March of 1946.

In late March, 1947, Marciano and a few of his friends traveled to Fayetteville, North Carolina, to try out for the Fayetteville Cubs, a farm team for the Chicago Clubs baseball team. Marciano lasted three weeks before being cut. After failing to become a professional baseball player, he returned to Brockton and began boxing training with longtime friend, Allie Colombo. Al Weill served as his manager and Charley Goldman as his trainer and teacher. During Marciano's boxing boxing in World War II, he won 27 of 30 amateur bouts before he turned professional in 1947. On his climb to the heavyweight title, Marciano became the second boxer ever to knock out Joe Louis in 1951. On Sept. 23, 1952, Marciano won the title by knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott in 13 rounds at Philadelphia. The only heavyweight champion with a perfect professional record, Marciano was undefeated in 49 fights and successfully defended his title six times before retiring. Known for his powerful punching ability, he won 43 of his pro bouts by knockouts. An unscientific but hard-punching and exceptionally durable fighter, he won the championship title in 1952 by defeating Jersey Joe Walcott and relinquished it upon retiring. He was undefeated in 49 professional fights, scoring 43 knockouts. He decided to retire on April 27, 1956. Marciano considered a comeback in 1959 when IngemarJohansson won the heavyweight championship from Floyd Patterson on June 26, 1959. After only a month of training in three years, Marciano decided against it and never seriously considered a comeback again. He appeared on an episode of Combat!. Then hosted a boxing show in 1961.

In 1969, Before his death, he starred in a boxing film called "The Superfight: Marciano vs. Ali", it aired January 20, 1970, Marciano winning in north American theatre and Ali winning in European theatre. On the eve of his 46th birthday, Marciano was the passenger of Cassna 172, The pilot being inexperienced, he crashed, killing Marciano, himself and one other passenger instantly.

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