Foreign Debts

Many-Currencies.jpgOnce Reagan's presidency was terminated, nationally, we were in a horribly deep debt foreignly. The U.S. obtained a surplus of 89 billion dollars with other countries. On July 3, 1990, the Commerce Department reported that foreign debt increased by 25 percent to 663.7 billion dollars. The U.S. assets abroad were 1.266 trillion dollars and foreign assets were 1.797 trillion dollars in the U.S. Because of the rise in foreign investments, the Commerce Department states that the foreign investments in the United States escalated by 22 percent to 400.8 billion dollars in 1989. When Reagan began his presidency in 1981, the debt/GNP ratio was 33 percent. By 1989 when his years as President were over, the debt/GNP ratio was 53 percent. With his high percentage of debt, Ronald Reagan left the United States needing much skill and many years to secure the foreign debt.
between 1989 and1990 this is where debt increased dramatically