The Edsel was a marque of car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during the 1958-1960 model years. The Edsel never gained popularity with contemporary American car buyers and sold poorly. Consequently, the Ford Motor Comapny lost millions of dollars on the Edsel's development, manufacture, and marketing. The name "Edsel" has since become synonymous with failure. In the early 1950's, the Ford Motor Comany became a publicly traded corporation that was no longer entirely owned by members of the Ford family .Ford announced the end of the Edsel program on Thursday, November 19, 1959. However, production continued until late in November,with the final tally at 2,846 1960 models. Total sales were approximately 84,000 less than half the company's projected break- even point. The company lost $350 million on the venture. Only 120,287 Edsels were built, including 7,440 produced in Ontario, Canada. By Detroit standards, these production figures were dismal, particularly when spread across a run of three model years. Fifty years after its spectacular failure, the Edsel has become a highly collectible item among vintage car hobbyists. Fewer than 6,000 Edsels survive and are considered collectors' items. A mint 1958 Citation convertible sometimes sells for over $100,000, while rare models, like 1950 convertible, may bring up to $200,000.

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I used this source because it informed me about how the Edsel was in the top 50 worst cars. It is about how crappy the Edsel is.

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This source was all about how this car failed in everything it was about. I got most of my information from this website.