Doris Day


Doris was born to German Catholic parents in 1924. She had a brother Richard, who died before she was born and Paul, a few years older than her. Her father and mother split when she was about eight. At twelve, she had a dance act with a boy called Jerry Doherty, with whom - after winning $500 in a talent contest - she went to Hollywood. On returning to Cincinatti, aged fourteen, Doris was in a terrible car crash which almost ended her dancing career.
At the age of sixteen, Doris then discovered that she could sing and began touring with the Les Brown Band, where she met Al Jorden, who she later married. Al turned out to be a violent man and soon after the birth of her son Terry in 1942, she initiated divorce proceedings. In 1946, after entertaining the troops for a couple of years, she met and married George Weidler, this liason lasted only eight months.
In 1948 she made her first film, "Romance On The High Seas". Whilst filming for Warner Brothers, she met Marty Melcher who became her agent and later on her 27th birthday her husband. In 1958 her brother Paul died and it was around this time that Marty started to make her sign to do films that she did not want to. This eventually led to Doris becoming ill from nervous exhaustion. By the time that Marty died in 1968, Doris was bankrupt and owed thousands of dollars, but she was eventually awarded $22 million by the Courts. She married for the fourth time in 1976 and since her divorce in 1980 has devoted her life to animals.

Featured in 39 Films!
1948 Romance On The High Seas
1949 It's A Great Feeling
1949 My Dream Is Yours (20K b&w movie still)
1950 Tea For Two
1950 West Point Story
1950 Young Man With A Horn
1951 I'll See You In My Dreams
1951 Lullaby Of Broadway
1951 On Moonlight Bay (55K signed colour poster)
1951 Starlift
1951 Storm Warning
1952 April In Paris (37K b&w movie still)
1952 The Winning Team
1953 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
1953 Calamity Jane
1954 Lucky Me
1954 Young At Heart (11K b&w movie still)
1955 Love Me Or Leave Me
1956 Julie
1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much
1957 The Pajama Game
1958 Teacher's Pet
1958 The Tunnel Of Love
1959 It Happened To Jane/Twinkle and Shine
1959 Pillow Talk
1960 Midnight Lace
1960 Please Don't Eat The Daisies
1961 Lover Come Back
1962 Billy Rose's Jumbo/Jumbo
1962 That Touch Of Mink
1963 Move Over Darling (16K colour movie still)
1963 The Thrill Of It All
1964 Send Me No Flowers
1965 Do Not Disturb
1966 The Glass Bottom Boat (11K b&w picture)
1967 The Ballad Of Josie
1967 Caprice
1968 Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?
1968 With Six You Get Eggroll

The inspirational Doris Day, herself.


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