The Cuban Flag
The Bay Of Pigs took place on April 17, 1961 in Cuba. It was supposed to be an attempt at overthrowing Fidel Castro and involved 1300 Cuban exiles. Prior to the mission, the CIA trained the exiles to be able to pull the whole thing off without a hitch. However, when the day came, nothing went right for them. They expected their fellow Cubans to help them, but that did not happen. When they landed on the beaches along The Bay of Pigs, they were ambushed. Their boats were sunk, and their air support was destroyed. In the end, 90 exiles were killed and the rest were taken prisoner. Many blamed President John F. Kennedy for the incident because he sent inexperienced people inside of the U.S. military. The Bay of Pigs was caused by the United States distrust of Castro after he came into power.

Bria Raynor
Honors American History
27 May 2011

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